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A New Approach to Low-Impact Cardio Workout for All Fitness Levels

InnerMotion, the longest-running Pilates studio in Boulder, offers both individual and group sessions. In her studio, with a beautiful view of the Boulder foothills, Inge creates a place of community in which her clients are guided and supported on their path towards health. Each client receives personalized attention within non-competitive group sessions.

Injury Rehab

Pain Relief

Healthy Movement

Inge’s gift and passion are in working with people who are injured, in pain, limited by dysfunctional patterns and those recovering from surgery, as well as those clients who need support in working toward a level of activity on which they can build healthy habits.

A cranky hip led me to the genius and humanity of Inge Moorby. Since that day, the health of my body and my spirit has been in her incomparable care twice a week. She is able to spot problems in alignment, flexibility, and muscle movement, and she is consistently and uncannily accurate. She treats each body as unique; at her studio, there are no “group” activities. When you walk in, your needs are assessed, and Inge suggests effective healing exercises for you from her vast knowledge of human movement.

Editor / Teacher

My body has benefited greatly from Inge’s knowledge, experience and intuition.  She is a fully present teacher and coach.


Inge Moorby has been instrumental in keeping me on my road bike and Boulder’s running trails. She has an uncanny ability to diagnose areas of the body that are “off” and need work. She has kept me pain free and able to do century rides, well into my 40s. She continues to be indispensable to my pursuing my athletic activities.

Biking Enthusiast

I came to Inge many years ago with sciatica that refused to be cured by three physical therapists, an acupuncturist, a doctor and Bikram yoga. I was fairly desperate for help when another client of hers, a friend of mine, told me I should go to Inge for help. I liked the idea of my body being involved in its own healing and signed up for Inge’s Pilates classes. With Inge’s very careful and masterful guidance, after a time I found myself pain free.

Wellness Professional

Inner Motion

Yoga & Pilates Studio

The approach at Inner Motion Pilates Studio is based on the understanding that we are all on a continuum of wellness. With mindfulness and focus on body awareness and breath we release old and dysfunctional stress patterns so that we are able to access and strengthen core postural muscles. Over time, we formulate a more energetic way of being in our bodies, have more choices in how we use our bodies on a daily basis and therefore experience less pain. Exercises are structured around the client’s next step on their journey toward healing and not on the attainment of external standards.


Inner Motion Pilates Studio

3990 Broadway Boulder, CO 80304 (303) 444-2554

Inge Moorby

Owner & Pilates Instructor

Inge has more than 25 years experience working within this setting and her approach is based on the method developed by Josef Pilates in the early 1900s, as well as the various therapies she has studied. They include: Matrix Energetics, Yoga based on the principles of Svaroopa Yoga, Somatics, Orthobionomy, Hakomi, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Tibetan Healing Bowls.

Preserving the Heritage of Joseph Pilates

Pilates was originally a gymnast and bodybuilder.  When he moved to England in 1912, he began refining and teaching his minimal equipment system of mat exercises that later became “Contrology”. During his time at an internment camp on the Isle of Man, he began to intensively develop his concept of an integrated, comprehensive system of physical exercise, which he himself called “Contrology”. He studied yoga and the movements of animals and trained his fellow inmates in fitness and exercises.